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No two organisations are alike – kameon CLUB adapts to your needs

From membership administration through to professional schedule management, kameon CLUB includes all the features you need to smoothly run your club. No matter where you are, you’ll always have an overview of all the most important information. This allows you to master every challenge much more efficiently.

Membership administration

Paperwork is a thing of the past

With kameon CLUB, you can manage the process of accepting and organising members and access permissions as easily as a beginner and as efficiently as a pro.

  • Online membership application
  • Manage groups, teams, and divisions centrally
  • Central data storage
  • History
  • Individual roles & permissions

Dates & Events

Who, when, what?

With kameon CLUB, you can reliably plan courses and events. And make sure that all your members are always up to date.

  • Plan seminars, courses, meetings, and events
  • Comprehensive calendar feature
  • Notification module for participants (schedule changes, reminders, etc.)
  • • Store location information and contacts (e.g. coaches) in a central contact module


Digital accounting

Let’s settle up – quickly and transparently. With kameon CLUB, you’ll never lose track of incoming and outgoing payments, payment reminders, and direct debits.

  • An easy way to settle fees
  • Automated payment tracking
  • Payment status and dunning
  • Personalised amounts
  • SEPA direct debits


Better management of notifications

Protected data, transparent communication. With kameon CLUB, you can keep all of your members up to date on current events and offers at the push of a button thanks to many different tools.

  • Notifications (push notifications via the mobile app or by email)
  • Serial letters with extensive templates
  • Mailings with smart email lists
  • Online surveys with data evaluation
  • Central management of all club events

Support & Service

Nobody is alone in a club

This also applies to kameon CLUB. Our experts will support you in all areas as required – from setup through to backups and data migration.

  • Data migration
  • Onboarding
  • Daily backups
  • Maintenance and updates included
  • Courses & webinars


Security is a top priority for us

With kameon CLUB, your club data stay right where they belong. On highly protected servers and with access permissions granted strictly in compliance with the GDPR.

  • GDPR-compliant
  • Optimum protection for your data
  • Central management of access permissions
  • Member data protected in accordance with GDPR

kameon CLUB – and your club is off to a flying start

Your club is your life. And life should be fun. That’s why you can now start spending more time planning great activities and events and less time dealing with club management! With kameon CLUB, you can structure your member administration in a completely new way. Our software is specially designed for private and public clubs, associations, courses, and operational health management. The unbeatable advantage of kameon CLUB: The software can be accessed and managed online, allowing all club members to use and maintain it. Whether club correspondence, sending out club invoices, or updating the website – from now on, you can easily allocate all tasks. That means you can take care of what really matters: club activities.

Company sports without the hurdles!

Organising a sports group in a medium-sized or large company often feels like running a hurdles race before you’ve even started. How can you create a seamless registration process? How do you quickly and easily inform members about what’s on offer? How do you arrange the dates to allow as many people as possible to participate in the courses? That said, after-work sports activities aren’t just good for your health, but also for team bonding.

kameon CLUB turns managing company sports into child’s play. Thanks to the online software, every member can access the program and perform tasks. On top of this, the easy and intuitive user navigation gives every course participant an instant overview of all current offers and events. Additional special features simplify accounting, invoicing of fees, managing digital membership IDs, and allow members to communicate with one another.

Further add-on modules such as our online member service and the mobile app are also available on request


Online membership service

Your club deserves a first-rate homepage. And it will get one. With kameon CLUB, you’ll have all functions and features on the club website – easy to find and easy to use.

  • Team, group, and division pages
  • Course and event pages with up-to-date schedules and attendance figures
  • Calendar features
  • Online booking
  • Personal members’ area with an overview of all dates and bookings

Mobile App

The future is mobile

That’s why kameon CLUB offers an app, to give every club member easy access to the most important features and information at any time.

  • Digital membership ID
  • Personal calendar with all dates
  • News feed and events
  • Personal members’ area with an overview of all dates and bookings

kameon CLUB – it takes no time at all to join us!

We want you to feel confident that you’re always in good hands with us. That’s why we’re happy to take the time to help you and address your issues. Our team is always there for you to answer any questions you may have on kameon CLUB.

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Do you have any more questions?

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions for you

Is kameon CLUB useful for my club?

Is your club training for the table football championship? Do you read each other poetry, taste wine, or discuss fantasy series? Have you set up your group privately or are you a company-organised club? None of this is relevant for the use of kameon CLUB. The only important question is the following: Does your club have a board, members, events, meetings, regular training sessions, or get-togethers? If the answer is yes, then kameon CLUB is just what you need. This software considerably reduces the administrative work involved in running the club and managing members.

What do I need for kameon CLUB?

To be able to use kameon CLUB, all you need is a computer with Internet access and a standard browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome). That’s because kameon CLUB is an online software. Another advantage: You can flexibly access the program wherever you are – there’s no need to install software or plug-ins on your computer.

Is there also a free version?

Yes, there is indeed: If your club has no more than 150 members, you can use all of the kameon CLUB features for free.

How quickly will I learn how to use the software?

That depends entirely on your previous experience with different types of software. However, we’ve designed our program sections to be so straightforward that you probably won’t even need to look at our user manual. When you’re starting out, our free setup service is always available. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to complete your first tasks on your own.

Where do I receive support?

If you get stuck, you can find the answers to the most important questions on our website. Or you can contact our support team directly – have a look at our support page for more information.

Are our data secure?

Data security is our greatest asset. That’s why we save your club data in our data centre in Tübingen (Germany) and follow the highest security standards. Regular backups and data mirroring ensure that you can still use your data in the event of a system failure. The servers themselves are protected against fire and connected to an autonomous emergency power network. So you see, we take excellent care of your data. We even have an ISO 9001 and an ISO 27001 certification to back this up.

What happens to our existing data?

You can easily upload them into kameon CLUB. It just takes a few minutes to import a complete address list, e.g. in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. And you can upload an entire document archive with all records and balances with just three clicks.

Who can help me switch to the new software?

Just have a look at our support page. Here you will find our qualified partners who can train you on an individual basis, offer advice, or help you transfer your existing club data – and they’re all kameon CLUB experts.

What if I don’t want to use the program anymore?

Don’t worry, we don’t do adhesion contracts. You can easily unsubscribe yourself and your club – simply send us an email. What’s more, we even offer the option for you to export all your data again. That’s more than fair, don’t you think?

Is there a trial offer?

Of course. Try kameon CLUB for free for 30 days! And if you want to test the program a few days longer, simply send us a short email. If you’re already using kameon CLUB for your club, you can still test the free version for more than 150 members for a limited time. Start your non-binding trial with the full range of features offered by kameon CLUB.

What about GDPR?

There’s no way of getting around these regulations. EU-based clubs must sign an agreement for data processing on behalf in accordance with GDPR. However, you can do this by simply clicking a button when you create your kameon CLUB account. That’s all the time you need to take care of this for your club.

Can I adapt kameon CLUB to my specific needs?

Yes, of course. Our expertise lies in customised software development. We can adapt the software to suit your needs.